Transtech Develops Virtual Solutions for Municipal Clients  

On behalf of our team at Transtech, we sincerely hope you, your colleagues, and your loved ones are safe, healthy, and well during these unprecedented times. Working in a mixed City Staff and consultant environment, we have all experienced how this pandemic has impacted City Services and their daily interactions with their communities. Public agencies and municipalities are balancing their resources to appropriately address ongoing public health challenges while continuing to provide services with as little interruption as possible. 

Since 1989, Transtech has specialized in municipal consulting services for multiple City Departments. Our firm has developed and adapted virtual services to continue meeting the needs of the communities we serve integrating many technological assets within the Public Works, Community Development, Planning, and Building and Safety Departments.  

We quickly engaged with the municipalities we serve to transform “in-person” services to a fully integrated virtual stop with no interruption to City Services.


Transtech successfully integrated an electronic plan check portal submission platform for several municipalities.

Applicants are now directly able to upload their plans onto the portal for Electronic Plan Check submittals. These portals are easily accessed through City Websites with direct online login credentials to upload plans that automatically get transmitted and matched with the appropriate plan checker based on the type of plan check needed. These platforms are easily customized with the City logos, colors, and any other information or graphics the City wishes to include.

We quickly developed additional virtual capabilities introducing and implementing the following virtual services:

Live Virtual Plan Check Counter Appointment Platform:

Transtech has established a live virtual plan check counter for meeting appointments directly between applicants and plan checkers. This includes an interactive online appointment booking platform, which has been customized for the needs of the City through their webpage as well as assisting the City in setting up electronic debit and credit card payment options.

Here is How it Works:

➢ Applicants directly book and schedule appointments during available counter-hour times and dates that pop up on the calendar.

➢ Once an appointment is booked, the applicant receives an automated confirmation email with the meeting details.

➢ Applicants can easily edit, change, reschedule, or cancel their appointment at any time.

➢ When their appointment time comes, the applicant accesses the video conference call by clicking on the confirmation link sent to them.

➢ From there the applicant is connected directly with their plan checker to review their plans and go over any comments or questions they have.

➢ Both the plan checker and the applicant are able to share their screens to review the plans and any other necessary documents.

➢ Transtech has also coordinated the designated appointments with the applicants to ensure that the permit technician is available in real-time to check the City Permit documents if needed.

Benefits of Having Live Virtual Plan Check Counter Appointments: 

Live Virtual Public Works, Community Development, Planning, and Building and Safety Appointment Platform:

Transtech has also set up virtual appointment platforms for various City Departments including the Public Works, Community Development, Planning, and Building and Safety Departments based on their needs and operations. With the help of such platforms, City Staff has been able to eliminate or minimize any physical interaction but still provide these necessary services by utilizing the virtual appointment platform. The system allows the applicant to select the preferred dates/times of available counter hours on an automated system, and books the City Staff automatically via the platform for the virtual meetings. On the platform, depending on the City’s needs and operations, the forms can be tailored to fit into the Department’s operations to obtain necessary information from the applicant.

Live Virtual Inspections and Drone Inspections:

Electronic Plan Check Portal

As part of our continued commitment to offer virtual options, we have introduced Drone and Virtual Inspections to several of our Client Cities. Our inspectors are now able to perform Drone as well as Live Virtual Inspections for certain types of work. We are utilizing drones for certain types of inspections. Additionally, we are utilizing Microsoft Teams Video Conferencing where we have arranged for our field inspectors to communicate with our senior inspectors to properly inspect field conditions.

The efficiency of these systems allows us to implement and build them for any City directly from our offices. If anything in this article sounds interesting, and you would like to see a demo of any virtual services, or have us set up mock portals for your agency, please feel free to reach us by phone at (855) 595-2495 or via email at [email protected]

Our efforts were highlighted in APWA’s Insight Magazine: SoCal Insight 2020 Issue 1

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