Our team works with our client agencies of all sizes to find potential funding sources, and to prepare competitive grant applications. Additionally, after funds are awarded to a client, The Firm can ensure compliance with state and federal funding requirements. Our team has obtained over $300 Million in state and federal funds for various infrastructure projects for their client cities.

Transtech has developed an internal electronic procedural tracking system to fast-track, coordinate, and organize federally-aided projects. This multi-layered system is process-oriented and developed over a timeline—a steady departure from the topically based and more general approach of the Caltrans Local Assistance Procedures Manual. The system provides swift results by ensuring that a project stays fully on track and is carried out in a timely and efficient manner, while providing personnel with all key reference points, timelines, and resources to complete and track the various ongoing projects. Every step in the transmittal process is reviewed, tracked, and updated. The tracking system also includes follow-ups on federal application forms, which are subject to change after submittal and must be updated so as not to hold up authorization of funding.

Our grant writing services are enhanced by integration with engineering services to facilitate an integrated project design. This expedites project start up and completion, and ensures compliance with funding requirements. Our service is so valued by our clients that our Funding Specialist is supported by several staff members including a Planning Specialist, Transportation Specialist, and an Administrative Analyst always having access to CE and PE input when necessary.

Transtech has helped clients secure funding from the following programs:

  • Active Transportation Program (ATP)
  • Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP)
  • Caltrans Local Roadway Safety Plan (LRSP)
  • Metro Call for Projects
  • SAFETEA-LU (Safe Accountable Flexible Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users)
  • TCRP (Traffic Congestion Relief Program)
  • TDA 3 (Transportation Development Act – Article 3)
  • AQMD-MSRC (South Coast Air Quality Management District – Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee)
  • AQMD-CMP (Carl Moyer Memorial Air Quality Standards Program) CMP (Congestion Management Program)
  • STP-L (Surfa SRTS | SR2S (Safe Routes to Schools)
  • Call for Projects by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro)
  • Caltrans Authorization to Proceed (E-76)
  • Proposition A & C Local Return

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