The Transtech team has extensive experience in managing federally funded projects as well as providing federal funds project management. Our team has extensive experience working with state agencies including Caltrans, DOT, MOPs, Metro, SCAG, and other regulatory agencies, entities, and utility companies. We have an indepth understanding of governmental issues and budgetary complexities for successful project delivery.

The Transtech team has a structured approach to execute projects in an efficient and cost-effective manner that makes Transtech capable of providing an efficient and quality project. Transtech has established guidelines and policies, including written manuals on quality control, project management, and design procedures for its staff and for its contract cities. These guidelines ensure a consistent approach to the execution of assignments undertaken by our organization in compliance with the City’s specific procedures, standards, and requirements.

Our approach is to provide proactive management and attempt to identify potential issues and problems in advance and take corrective actions before they become problems. This requires extensive hands-on knowledge, experience, and management skills of the people involved in managing the project. Our team members have extensive experience and a proven track record in managing large and complex projects and bringing them to completion on time and within budget.

A key factor in successful fund management includes cash flow management, timely reporting and reimbursement submittals, accurate and proper documentation of eligible expenses – which are all critical to maintaining a steady cash flow during large scale projects that involve federal funds to minimize the City’s cash outlay, as well as avoiding any audit issues at the end of these projects. Our team has highly experienced in managing these funding complexities.

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