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Transtech Supports the Chino Police Department

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As part of Transtech’s First Responders Initiative we shared with you last week – we wanted to highlight the City of Chino! It was our pleasure to support Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce member restaurant R&R Breakfast Spot and fellow Chino business owner Rhonda Dennis while showing our sincere appreciation to the First Responders who keep our community safe, the City of Chino Police Department. Thank you for all that you do …Read More

Happy 4th of July!

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The Transtech Engineers Team wishes everyone a happy, healthy, and safe 4th of July Weekend!

Transtech’s First Responders Initiative

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At Transtech Engineers, we are very grateful for our First Responders and their tireless service to our communities. We know many businesses have been severely impacted during this time. We wanted to find a way to show our appreciation to First Responders while supporting local restaurants. We developed a First Responders Appreciation initiative collaborating with the local Chamber of Commerce organizations to help identify member restaurants that can accommodate take-out …Read More

How Transtech has Adapted their Services During COVID-19

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On behalf of the Transtech Team, we sincerely hope you, your colleagues, and your loved ones are healthy and well. In light of all that we are facing, we wanted to take a moment away from our normal quarterly newsletter and instead share Transtech’s response to this pandemic and how we are adapting to the needs of the governmental agencies we serve during these critical times. We have been working …Read More

Transtech Newsletter Library

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Did you know we prepare a newsletter every quarter to keep you updated on what the Transtech team has been up to? If you missed any of our previous newsletters, you can click and check them out below! We would love to hear your feedback or answer any questions you may have – contact us at info@transtech.org or visit our website at transtech.org! Please click the following links to read what we have …Read More

Transtech Supports Women in Engineering and STEM Fields

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Transtech Engineers has a strong belief and commitment to help pave the way for women and our youth, championing them to pursue higher education and a career in STEM related fields – science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. We are proud partners and supporters of ELLAS and their mission to empower young women in the community to advocate for themselves and others while making positive life choices. At Transtech we have …Read More

Transtech Engineers 2020 Winter Newsletter

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Happy 2020! We are officially over a month into the New Year and want to share our 2020 Winter Transtech Newsletter! Click the link to learn more about what the Transtech Team has been up to in our latest 2020 Winter Transtech Newsletter! Did you know we prepare a newsletter every quarter to keep you updated on what the Transtech team has been up to? If you missed any of our …Read More

Transtech Team Lunch!

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Happy Friday! Today, Transtech was busy all day hosting training sessions at our main office in Chino. Halfway through the training, we organized a fun lunch to fuel our team and celebrate the birthdays of some of our Transtech Team members. Since some of our team members work in other cities, this lunch was a great opportunity to catch up with each other, spark conversations, and build bonds over delicious …Read More

Transtech 30th Birthday Party and Annual Appreciation Holiday Luncheon!

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Transtech has a long tradition of coming together at the end of the year and hosting an employee appreciation luncheon where all Transtech team members and their families, including children, are invited to come celebrate their hard work and dedication over the year. As we enter 2020, we also closed out our 30th year in business – it was a wonderful opportunity to also combine our luncheon with a 30th …Read More

Transtech’s Community Outreach Highlight in Chino and Arcadia

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The Transtech team volunteered their Saturday hosting two interactive community youth booths at the Chino Youth Christmas Fair & Parade and Downtown Arcadia’s Holiday Fair! Our booths offered water bottle handouts, candy, and an interactive youth holiday-themed craft to make and take home. The craft we chose this year were ornaments! Our ornament options were a Reindeer, Christmas Tree, and Snowflakes. We saw so many creative ornaments and the children …Read More