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2014 ELLAS Civil Engineering Career Workshop

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We are so proud of our Transtech delegate who participated in the Career Workshop and hosted this year’s Engineering Workshop to share and discuss career experiences with students attending the ELLAS Conference. The workshop was designed to recognize the benefits of higher education and the lack of upward mobility for Latina women in Corporate America and Technical field.

ELLAS Annual Empowerment Conference is a collaborative of professional career workshop presentations, motivational speakers and Latina Honorees. It is based on parent, professional and community collaboration, which is essential in successfully advocating for higher education and the expansion of career paradigms among Latina youth and facilitating access to services needed to reach higher education goals and supportive opportunities. Emphasis is placed on providing workshop/sessions hosted by professional panelists sharing in and discussing career opportunities.

ELLAS’s purpose is to coordinate professional workshops, seminars and lectures to further enhance education and goal attainment by bridging a collaborative of educational and professional conduits. This organization provides a connective mentorship and leadership opportunity that will foster education, cultural awareness, an expanded appreciation of the Arts and community participation.

Please visit their website to learn more and see how you can become involved at http://ellascentury.org/.